Pulsed Peak Performance with Dr. Stuart Shoemaker, DVM
Dr. Stuart Shoemaker, DVM, at Idaho Equine Hospital, says “The P3 allows us to completely revamp the way we look at muscle and overall body soreness. Our studies show that there are no detrimental side effects with tremendous opportunity for benefit. We always obtain very positive results.”

Pulsed Peak Performance with Michael Matz
Michael Matz, with Vintage Farms – “The P3 has been one of the best therapeutic investments I have made.” Matz has been involved with horses for approximately 35 years, rode in 3 olympic games and 4 pan American games. In 2006 he trained Barbaro who won the Kentucky Derby. He also trained Union Rags who won the Belmont in 2012.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Dr. John McCarroll, DVM
Listen as Dr. John McCarroll, DVM, Equine Medical Associates,Pilot Point, TX has been using the P3 for approximately 7 years on horses of every discipline and finds that horses all benefit from use of the P3 especially in soft tissue injuries.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Dr. Alan Donnell
Dr. Alan Donnell of Equine Sports Medicine and La Mesa Veterinary Associates, Pilot Point, TX has been using the P3 for 6 years and finds the P3 from S.B. Enterprises, LLC to be very beneficial in stimulating hoof growth.It doubles the normal rate of hoof growth.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Duane Latimer
NRHA Million Dollar Rider and Trainer Duane Latimer – The P3 has saved Duane Latimer considerable time in healing his horses so that they could be put back into training and competition…It has saved him so much time and he has not had the recurring injuries that he had prior to using the P3.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Tim McQuay
NRHA 2 Million Dollar Rider & Trainer Tim McQuay – “We use the P3 on various issues on a daily basis in our training operation and every horse at major events like the National Reining Horse Futurity are gone over every day with the P3.”

Pulsed Peak Performance with Todd Bergen
Todd Bergen, Million Dollar NRHA and NRCHA Rider & Trainer – Todd finds the P3 to be very beneficial in treating overall body soreness in both his reining andcow horses and finds that at competitions he can use the P3 for overall body soreness without having to resort using as much Banamine or Bute.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Matt Gaines
NCHA 5 Million Dollar Rider and Trainer Matt Gaines had a horse that fractured his hock and the P3 enabled him to compete.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Dan Hansen
Dan Hansen hauled 5 horses 100,000 + miles and went to 150 events. He had one world champion, one reserve, two thirds place finishes and one sixth and was able to keep all of these horses sound when many persons vying for the world titles could not keep their horses going under such conditions. He attributed much of his success in keeping these horses sound to the benefits derived from the P3.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Dr. Kurt Heite, DVM
Dr. Kurt Heite, Equine Sports Medicine, Tomball, TX. The P3 gets great results in alleviating inflammation in the horse.

Pulsed Peak Performance with Trent Pederson
Hear what Trent Pederson, NRHA Futurity and AQHA World Championwebsite – Trent’s first experience with the P3 was on a horse with a sore back. He used the P3 one time and felt that the horse was a lot stronger in the back and hind end. Trent also found that the P3 decreased healing time on tendon and suspensory ligament problems.